The Site Plan

You can choose from a variety of property types and proportions in spacious, beautifully finished homes with unique features such as stylish modern glass wine cellars – an outstanding design feature between kitchen and living room – and fantastic rooftop terraces with 8×3 metre infinity saltwater pools for the ultimate in Marbella lifestyle.


The Villas

The 3 villas are located on the south side of the plot, facing South-East with views to La Concha and the community swimming pool.


The 8 semi-detached houses are located in the middle of the plot, facing South-West with views to Africa and Gibraltar.

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villa no. 9


m2 total


m2 built


m2 terrace


m2 private garden

Quality & Specifications

Designed with reinforced concrete footings or through a foundation slab. There is also the possibility to use deep foundations.

The system consist of pillars of reinforced concrete to support the waffle slabs or the solid slab. The retaining walls are made of exposed concrete.

The exterior façade consists of perforated brick measuring 15.25 cm thick and patched inside and outside with a chamber and in- sulation in projected polyure- thane foam. On the interior side, façades will be made of lami- nated drywall plaster with rock- wool insultation. The plates leading to humid spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms will have special characteristics to resist moisture.
Some external panels will be covered in natural stone, marble, Dekton, Techlam by Levantina or similar.

The inner partitions of the home will be done in drywall though laminated plaster plates on profiles of galvanised steel with thermal and acoustic insulation inside.

The party walls between homes will be built in acoustic-resistant perforated brick (15.25cm) and self-supporting cladding on both sides, made up of a double plate of laminated plaster with acoustic and thermal insulation.

The external finishes will be made with traditional reinforced water- proof mortars, with reinforcements on material changes. Drywall faux ceiling throughout the home.

Floors throughout the home will be in marble-imitation large ceramic slabs, to be chosen. This same flooring will also be used, in its non-slip version, in terraces, covered porches and the roof garden (in addition to a deck made of synthetic wood). The stairs will be built using the same material or marble, with glass handrails and an iron struc- ture imitating corten steel. In the basement, porcelain flooring in large slabs will be installed, with the model to be chosen.
The vehicle area will feature porcelain flooring, with the model to be chosen.

Some external panels will be covered in natural stone, marble, Dekton, Techlam by Levantina or similar.

In the external areas, the pool area, loungers, etc, non-slip materials will be installed. The materials to be used will be stone-imitation porcelain, an artificial wood deck, with the colour to the chosen, precast concrete slabs, deactivated concrete made “on site” and river boulders. In pedestrian pathways, precast concrete slabs, deactivated concrete made “on site” and river boulders will be used. The access road to the basements will be done in cement cobblestone with grey tones and stone or precast concrete slabs.

Flooring in large-slab ceramic to be chosen. In the shower, the same non-slip material. Tiling using large ceramic slabs to be chosen, with pieces measuring 220 cm high and separated 2 cm from the wall so they can be backlit from the top. In front of the sink, there will be a decorative marble piece that will include wooden shelves on the back. The rest will be plastered and painted. (Up until reaching the faux ceiling).

Ceramic flooring imitating Caracalla marble, in natural finish. In the shower, the same non-slip material.  Ceramic tiling imitating Caracalla marble, in natural finish, up to 240 cm high (or up until reaching the faux ceiling). In showers, ceramic imitating Caracalla marble in natural finish with 3D design.

Ceramic flooring in dark colour to be chosen, in slabs measuring 30 x 60 cm. In the shower, the same non-slip material. Ceramic shower tiling in dark colour to be chosen, in slabs measuring 30 x 60 cm. In the sink area, a dark mirror and backlit pieces of wood will be installed. Design is thinking made visual.

Ceramic flooring in dark colour to be chosen, in slabs measuring 30 x 60 cm or larger. Tiling on sink wall in dark colour to be chosen, in slabs measuring 30×60 cm or larger, up to 240 cm high (or until reaching the faux ceiling). The rest of the walls covered in wallpaper.

Done in PEX cross-linked polyethylene inside the home, high-density polyethylene in external networks and polypropylene in basement sections (fire-fighting pipes will be made of steel).
All pipes will be lined with an Armaflex shell (cold and hot water pipes). Recirculation pipes towards the entrance of each unit, with a group and timing clock. General cut-off valves in the connections cabinet inside the home. Cut-off valves for each unit.
There will be a community drinking water service reservoir with 2 m3 per home and a service reservoir for irrigation water with about 3,000 liters, in fibre, as well asafire-fightingservicereservoir with a capacity of 60 m3.
Production of hot water by hydrokit, with a volume of 260 litres, part of the common equipment for the air-conditioning, heating and hot-water system (aerothermal, heat pump).
Fully finished garden irrigation network. Purification of swimming pools with a sand filter, with salt-water chlorinator.

All sanitary wares will be hung with a built-in tank and push button. All seats will feature a soft-close system.
The bathtub in the main bathroom will be detached.
Main and secondary bathrooms will feature the basins incorporated on a glass panel top with a glass chest of drawers under it. The sink for toilets will be in one piece, in natural or artificial stone, freestanding.
In secondary bathrooms, mirrors will be suspended and separated from the wall with an aluminium angle, with a strip of warm LEDs for backlighting. In the main bath- room, they will be supported on the countertop or suspended and, in the toilet, they will be integrated into the wall covering.

Taps for sinks will be single-lever over the countertop, from premium brands, in chrome for all bathrooms except the main one, which will feature a special colour. Shower fittings will match those in the sinks. Secondary bathrooms will feature shower columns with
a showerhead of the same brand and the main bathroom will feature a non-built-in thermostatically controlled valve with inverter and showerhead in addition to a square mounted showerhead measuring 30 x 30 mm.

Pipes will be in PVC, Terrain brand, soundproof. The rainwater network will be independent of the sewage network. Collectors with a PVC pipe in brick colour. Drain and safety gargoyles in terraces.

The mechanism will be of a premium brand, in metallic colour. The electrical control panel will be located inside the connections cabinet in the home, with a space reserved for future home automation equipment. The maximum admissible power for the home will be 14,490 W (63Ax230V), in single-phase distribution. Pre-installation of LED strips in living-room and bedroom mould- ing, as appropriate. Lighting in halls and bathrooms. Outdoor lighting. Pre-installation of blinds in bedrooms if the woodwork features a blind.

High-capacity Aerothermal Heat Pump system. Rectangular ducts with internal lining in fibreglass and external covering with an aluminium sheet of the Climaver plus type. Distribution will be through grilles, both for drive and return. Independent thermostats by areas, with Airzone control.

Water underfloor heating through-out the home. Preparation for the future installation of underfloor heating in the basement. Production equipment common to the air-conditioning and hot-water system.

RJ-45 telephone sockets located in the living and dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, in the same brand as other fittings in the home. RJ-45 data sockets located in the living and dining room and main bedroom, in the same brand as other fittings in the home. Distributors and external net- works following the regulation for telecommunications structures.

Satellite dish. Terrestrial antenna for TV and FM channels. TV Sockets. RF+RI in the living and dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, in the same brand as other fittings in the home. Broadband coaxial connections in the living and dining room, kitchen and bedrooms, in the same brand as other fittings in the home. Fittings with no connections in secondary bedrooms, kitchen, basement, etc.

With external plate in steel and video terminal inside homes.

Pre-installation of home-automation throughout the home.

Pre-installation of closed circuit TV system, with cameras on the perimeter of the plot, at the entrance for persons and vehicles and the garage, connected to the guard booth.

Pre-installation of a wired alarm in each home.

Premium-brand lifts in each home.

Main entrance door in medium density, with wood veneering as designed. Inside doors and wardrobe doors in medium density, with plastic wood veneer. Wardrobes will have interiors lined in plastic (with lining in- side the wardrobe, lined, with a suitcase shelf, hanging rail and drawers).

All the exterior woodwork of the home will be in anodised aluminium, in colour, with thermal breaks, of premium brands (series according to the system and size). Blinds only in bedrooms, with motors. (Except corner windows).

Indoors, acrylic paint in vertical and horizontal walls.  Enamel paint on metal fittings, after minimum priming. Plastic paint on the ceilings of humid locations.

PLANITHERM glass (Climalit type), with thickness depending on size. 8+8 or 10+10 safety guardrails (according to size) mounted to the brickwork.

Heat-retention covers (recessed under the artificial wood deck), with motor. Finish in tile, colour to be chosen, or using the same flooring as the terrace.

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